Friday, January 29, 2010

Triple Delight

Oh my goodness! The sweetness times 3! I could have sat around and just held these sweet babies all day. Their momma is a member of the multiples club that I am also a part of . She and her husband just brought home their newborn triplets just a few weeks after they were born. Anyone who knows how challenging a triplet pregnancy can be knows that it is such a miracle that all three babies are home so early.

If there is anything more challenging than a triplet pregnancy, its taking care of them once they all come home. I have experienced it myself with twins, but I witnessed  the craziness of it all over again.  It is a non stop whirlwind of bottles, pacifiers, and diapers and Kelly and Kurt are holding on tight!
The babies are beautiful and Mom and Dad are still kicking, but I am coming back soon to bring over dinner and maybe even a nap.


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